What is Fog Computing?

In early November 2017 the Open Fog Consortium (OFC) held the first conference focused exclusively on Fog Computing: the Fog World Congress. Since then, we’ve been reading more and more about Fog and Edge Computing in popular literature and how it might challenge or benefit Cloud Computing. Fog Computing has been named among the top five innovation trends for 2018 and is predicted to have a $700m market share by 2024.

2017 State of Linux Media Center Software

Recently a client expressed interest in developing a pre-built Home Theater PC (HTPC) solution with Digitial Video Recorder (DVR) functionality for Over The Air (OTA) broadcasts. They considered both low-end devices, like the Raspberry Pi, and high-end devices like dedicated PCs. As part of their marketing research, they wanted to have a broader perspective of existing solutions on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Out of respect for the open-source community’s efforts, our client has kindly agreed to let us publish a subset of the report that summarizes HTPC solutions with built-in OTA recording and playback capabilities.